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It happens each day – a client receives a language solution from Lingvopedia in the form of professional language translation services, professional interpretation services, overseas translator recruitment services, multilingual typesetting services, audio video transcription services, multilingual voice over services – but each interaction is unique.

Professional Translation Services

It’s not unusual to see clients coming to Lingvopedia to seek right language translation solutions. We are passionate about translation, a part of our routine services – and we couldn’t be more happier about it. Get to know us and you will see: we are so much more than what translation solutions we deliver. We’re not just a professional team of translators, but everyone else in-house whose job is to provide sincere and rewarding translating experience.

Professional Interpretation Services

To make our client’s communications more channelized in the required foreign languages, Lingvopedia has a team of experienced foreign language interpreters who consult them and transfer verbal meaning between languages.

Multilingual Proofreading and Editing Services

Lingvopedia supports its clients for proofreading and editing their existing translations and also provides a fully managed professional translation services by the first linguist team with separate proofreading and editing services by a second linguist team only wherever accuracy and clarity is imperative specially for business, technical, medical and legal documents.

Multilingual Subtitling Services

Lingvopedia offers the highest quality subtitling services for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVD, and web-only videos and webcasts through our network of experienced subtitle translators and video translators in over 60 major languages.Our translators are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation to provide the Video or DVD Subtitling.

Multilingual Transcription Services

Lingvopedia’s qualified professional multilingual transcriptionist provides high-quality transcription for all audio and video recordings. We transcribe audio analog to text and audio digital to text in the form of speeches, interviews, lectures, group discussions etc. for the following source formats – MP3, Tapes and Cassettes etc.

Multilingual Voice-over Services

Lingvopedia has the foreign language expertise along with the multilingual voice talent that is needed to produce high-quality voice productions in various foreign languages for corporate presentations, websites product and services introductions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voicemails, multimedia presentation software (*Macromedia® Director®, Flash™, etc.) and traditional broadcast productions.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Translation in different languages looks cold and dry unless they are typeset rightly to convey a better meaning across all markets and culture.  For this, Lingvopedia offers Multilingual DTP services where the typesetting of multilingual translated documents and materials in raw art files, editable images, and editable page layout or design, are done with the help of Desktop Publishing Operators  with implementing minor changes in the layout you wish to use.

Our Features​

Our translation company offers accurate, confidential, and industry-specialized services. With certified professionals, 24/7 availability, and cutting-edge technology, we ensure global communication excellence, fostering client satisfaction through innovative solutions.


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