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Language is one of the inherit feature of human beings, learning language is always very fascinating because with a language we get to know its culture, its tradition etc. Every individual on this earth is emotional to his/her language.


Imagine you are traveling to a place where you are clueless about anything you don’t know therefore you can’t help yourself with anything. Then you get a person who knows your language as well as the language of that place. Oh! It feels havens therefore, learning language is not only going to benefit you in exploring different places but it well aid you by providing you financial position in an MNC as well.


Learning language is in trend now; there are many institutes in India which are claiming to facilitate people who are eager to learn language. Chinese, French, German etc are popular languages people want to learn. There is Chinese Language Schools running in Delhi as well. Here you get acquainted with high professional language skills. But have you ever thought that learning needs exposure as well. For instance reading about astronomy will only make you aware about celestial bodies but by visiting science centre you will get clear understanding of whatever you have been taught. Same is implied to learning language as well; you can attain language by getting lessons from the teacher but by practically being with the native speaker will make learning experience more enriching.


Now I am going to tell you about my friend who studied French language by opting for professional French language course from a recognized institute. By the time his degree was complete he was capable of speaking fluent French language. Then he decided to go on a trip to France, this proved to be a milestone in his career. You must be wondering how? I was also astonished myself after seeing him when he returned back as now he got  a totally new  personality as if he has gone through a transition. He got the real experience as he got to learn about the culture, people, food, weather, and almost everything that is relevant to be learnt from a place.


After his trip I and even others had an impression that he is a professional French man. Nowadays he is working in an MNC having the best salary and this was his dream job that he always longed for. He owes every bit of his heart and soul to the exposure he got from the trip. Therefore, it is awesome if you get a chance to live for few days in the native country. You will be enchanted and overwhelmed with the output that exposure will give you.


So, I can conclude that the best way to learn is through bookish knowledge with an exposure to that country as well. Therefore if you are learning Chinese language course then it will be more benefiting if you visit china once. You will not only understand but you will have an extravagant personality.

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