Dutch Language Services

Language Spoken In Speakers Writing System Official Language In Language Abbreviation
Dutch Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders, Brussels Capital Region And Walloon uncipalities With Facilities),
Suriname, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles. In France (French landers) And Germany (Low Rhine Country) As Minority Language And As Colonial Language In South Africa And Indonesia. Dutch Is An Immigrant Language In Australia, Brazil, Canada, And  New Zealand And U.S.A.
30 Million Latin alphabet (Dutch variant) Aruba, Belgium, European  Union, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname NL

Dutch Translation Services

Outsourcing documents for Dutch translation comes simultaneously with handling documents’ information security breaches, where we stand as a reliable translation company in India providing trusted Dutch translation services by maintaining data security of our clients.

All our native Dutch translators are recruited after multiple selection rounds and test translations after which we segregate them on the basis of their Service Type (Dutch Translations), Field of Specialization (Advertisement, Finance, Medical, IT etc), Source and Target Language Pair (English to Dutch translations & Dutch to English translations), Location (India, UK, USA etc.), References, Forum Memberships, Translator Productivity Software ( CAT Tools, Adobe, MS Office, Typing Key Board etc.) Availability etc.

Basis our translators databank, we try to understand the requirements of our clients and then assign the best suited Dutch language translators for their project.

Now, realize the potential of our professional Dutch translators who are committed to deliver your work on time at a competitive translation price without compromising the quality and perfection of the Dutch translated document.

In general, we price per word/ per page/ per document of source English or translated English – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for your Dutch language translation.

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Dutch Editing and Proofreading Services

Lingvopedia assures best quality Dutch translation services to its clients by offering a second party proof reading services. Proofreading Dutch documents if availed at an additional price comes simultaneously with the existing translation jobs but we also take up assignments which only involves editing and proof reading services.

Our team comprises of professional Dutch editors and proofreaders who can change the entire look and feel of the document within a very short span of time.

In general, we price per word/ per page/ per document of source English or edited English or proofread English – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for your Dutch language editing and proofing services.

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Dutch DTP Typesetting Services

Dutch language DTP service is mostly needed when a document with a predetermined typographic layout with attractive media via a lay-outing software is translated into Dutch language. We as a Dutch language translation agency are capable to layout Dutch content with the fonts being carefully adjusted in the process. For example, a translation company in India might not be adequately equipped to provide DTP services for Japanese content and likewise a Japan-based translation company would not be suitable in the event that DTP is needed for content which is in Dutch.

In general, we price per page/ per document of the target design open format – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for your Dutch language typesetting services.

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Dutch Interpretation Services

Reducing language barrier in Dutch language communication is our business. Our language interpretation HR team spends a lot of time in selecting a competent, experienced, specialized and confident Dutch interpreter following a recruitment process similar to translation services.

We are a group of professional Dutch interpreters who are highly experienced in both public and private sectors for on-site interpreting services and are committed to deliver quality and perfection in our assigned Dutch interpreting tasks.

In general, we price per half day(4hrs)/ per full day(8hrs)/ per hour of live interpreting work – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for your Dutch language interpreting services.

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Dutch Translator Recruitment Services

With Globalization taking over, there comes the need of interaction between people across the world and hence, it gives rise to the need of bilingual and multilingual experts of languages like Dutch. So we take the opportunity to introduce Lingvopedia as “Translator Recruitment Company” offering “End to End” language consultancy services to multinational companies, corporate and small global businesses to cater to recruitment of highly experienced Dutch language experts by understanding their demands for the vacancy.

In general, we price 8.33% of the annual CTC of the candidate placed for more than 3 months – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for your Dutch translator placement services.

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Dutch Audio Video Transcription Services

Audio & Video speaks and we catch the Dutch words and sentences, type it out in the asked format and produce quality Dutch transcripts. We price per minute of audio and video – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for to appoint your Dutch transcriptionist.

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Dutch Voice Over Artists

Lingvopedia is also engaged in providing Dutch voice over services. In order to make your products and services available to the Dutch speaking population around the world, one has to localize the audios and videos opting for voice over services in Dutch language. We have Dutch language voice over experts as may be needed according to the industry type to support the services of voice over. E.g. – Advertisement industry is the one needing the voice over services the most.

We price per minute of audio and video – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for to appoint your Dutch voice over talent.

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Dutch Subtitling Services

Lingvopedia offers the Dutch subtitling services for all types of videos. Share your English language videos to subtitle in Dutch for the Dutch audiences around the world! Through our network of experienced Dutch subtitle translators we can provide quality subtitle programming.

Our translators are native Dutch speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of Dutch subtitle translation. And to maintain the absolute highest quality control, each translated subtitle is reviewed by at least one Dutch translator.

We price per minute of video – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for to appoint your Dutch subtitle translator talent.

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Dutch Cultural & Language Training

Many of our private clients and employees of large and small companies, institutions and corporate offices have benefited from the Lingvopedia’s method of Dutch language beginner level training.

Our freelancer Dutch trainers are committed to the high quality ideals and uniform training principles of the beginner level Dutch modules. They are also free to shape their Dutch training programs in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Highly qualified native Dutch speakers provide language and communication training in many different target languages.

In general, we price per hour of training – RFP to know how much you’ll be paying for to appoint your Dutch trainer.

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